Malden Metals Warranty


The surface on all Malden Metals ornamental panels and posts are warranted under normal and intended usage, against cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering, or corroding commencing with the original purchase date. Normal and intended usage does not include physical damage, abrasion, or heavy salt spray exposure to the protective coating.

To qualify for warranty the original owner must register their fence on the Malden Metals website or mail in the warranty registration document. This registration must be completed within 30 days of the fence installation. A warranty registration certificate will be sent out and must be kept in such case a claim is made in the future.

Warranty length detail

Note: Regardless of the details noted above, excessive salt spray exposure shall be considered as grounds to void any warranty obligations.


  1. If original powder coated finish is re-coated, sandblasted or in any other way modified this warranty is invalid.
  2. Damage during installation, transport or unloading is not covered, as is any other damage caused by external objects impacting or scratching the powder coated surface.
  3. Damage due to severe weather or natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, fires, and floods are not covered by this warranty.
  4. Powder coated materials that are installed within a distance of 1 km from any area that may pose an increased risk of corrosion or damage to the powder coat finish, such as marine, coast or industrial areas are not covered by this warranty-if installation are within 1 to 3km of any of these areas warranty will be 2 years.
  5. Damage to the product caused by use of landscape, gardening equipment, chemicals, and/or water sprinklers with high mineral content.
  6. Damage caused by adhesion of chicken wire, chain link mesh, welded wire, or other similar substance to the product.
  7. Damage caused by allowing plant life of any sort to grow directly upon or in contact with any portion of the product or sap from trees.
  8. Any alteration to the product itself and/or any on-site cutting or welding; and/or, failure to follow all maintenance requirements.
  9. When cutting immediately seal the exposed surfaces by 1-Removing all metal shavings from the cut area 2-Applying zinc-rich primer to thoroughly cover cut edge and drilled hole and, after letting dry, 3-Applying two coats of Malden colour match paint. Failure to seal exposed surfaces per steps 1-3 above will void the warranty.
  10. If non-Malden Metals parts/components are used, this will negate the warranty.

If there is a warranty claim to submit it shall be sent to Malden Metals, in writing along with the original proof of purchase and shall detail what the claim is for and when it was first noticed. Also, photographs of current site conditions and fence from all side need to be submitted. Photos may be emailed to [email protected].

If the fence is improperly installed, Malden Metals shall not be responsible for the performance or appearance of the material. Warranty will be invalid when the failure or damage is due to improper use or application, abuse or misuse, salt spray exposure, vandalism, or acts of God. Malden Metals reserves the right to inspect the material to determine validity of the claim.

Upon acceptance of the claim by Malden Metals, redemption by replacement, renewal or issuance of a pro-rated credit shall be made by Malden Metals. Reimbursement for labor necessary to restore and/or replace components is not covered under this warranty. The above constitutes the complete warranty by the manufacturer. No other agreement, written or implied terms are valid. Malden Metals does not give authorization to anyone to make any other express warranties. Malden Metals neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or agent to assume any other liability in connection with the Malden Metals fence systems.

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Product registration must be completed within thirty days of date of purchase.


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